Wednesday, December 21, 2005

to my readers who've been with me from the beginning

remember nikki?

nikki. the nikki who taught us lessons like keeping our mouths open, how much lip gloss a girl should wear, and the secrets to having the time of your life while clubbing...

she was fired last week.

the reason? too bossy.

hmph. go figure.

(and if you have no idea what the hell i'm talking about, feel free to check out the second story i wrote way back in october. the one that starts with "i apologize...")

i know i know...cop out entry....but i'm busy. but more will be coming shortly.


melvin said...

well. without a job i guess she cant try that "pay for sex" concept.

mean people never win.
(i hope, anyway)

concha said...

it wasn't her that paid for sex. it was another chick. c'mon, mel, keep up!

bitemycookie said...

okay, but come back soon.

Jaime Schwarz said...

Awesome! See sometimes people get their karma handed to them in the form of a pink slip. Now that's a delicious dish.

heidi said...

She should have been fired in October! But yay how I love a good Karmic pay-back.

RBrown said...

nikki's a whore. good riddance. ha!