Tuesday, January 10, 2006

¡dame mas gasolina!

Being that I am an advertising copywriter (albeit a not very good one) I should try and think of something clever to say if I am going to plug the rican’s designs. Some crispin BK-like copy, but I’m going to use this tactic instead,

please buy the rican’s $hitI AM SICK OF BEING THE SUGAR MAMMA!

We both earn about the same amount during the week. But I haul in truckloads on the weekend. And since I wont let him leave the house in a cocktail dress, he’s forced to spend his Saturday nights alone, dreaming up new designs to earn enough for his monthly eight.

And this was the case way before New York. It’s pretty much been this way since before we started dating. And yeah, okay, I’ve had good luck in the service industry. I’ve always had the jobs where, at the end of the night, I slide $500 in the back of my pocket like it’s nothing. But still, I would so love to believe that one day he might become successful enough to take me out to dinner. Also, if he does achieve said levels of fame and success, these might even be worth a lot of money one day. And best of all, he’s Puerto Rican. That’s in right now. Ask Daddy Yankee.

So have a heart. Buy some $hit. Cause a girl’s gotta eat. (On someone else’s tab)

(And baby, don’t get mad at me for selling it this way. People can recognize insincere copy. And trust me, this was heartfelt.)


DP said...

First, Concha darlin', I'm hear. I just haven't had the time to put more than a comment together, word-wise.

Second, I think I know your Rican (maybe). Was he at the portfolio review this past September? I think I sat right next to him. Hmmm...if that was him, I think he's a way cool designer. I'll look into his stuff or at least pass it on to someone with a little more cash than moi.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Concha, baby, the Rican's Spredshirt page isn't activated and the other one is Cafe Press. CP has to be the most ineffective way to sell anything imagineable. He'd have better luck putting his designs on Craiglist.

I really don't know how he'll break into stores and get his product on the shelves, what with them already overflowing with cheap stuff that nobody needs or wants and WalMart clobbering them on the price.

I'd get used to the idea of paying his way when you hang out unless he wants to get a waiting job.

bitemycookie said...

this link is bunk and i wanna look at the rican's chit.

melvin said...

anonymous is rude.

concha said...

dp, yeah i asked him and he said he did sit next to you.

mel, i dont care if people are rude. and franly, this guy is probably right. i'm the one naïvely hangint on to the hope that CP will make him rich. i think he just does it for fun.

melvin said...

ok dokie

roofiean said...

anonymity is stupid.

but some anonymous are more stupid than others.

RBrown said...

I'd support and represent if i had the cash. But for now, I'll just eat these 2 Ryvyta crackers I smuggled into this cafe where I bought the cheapest beverage on the menu so I could sit here for 8 hours and soak up the internet.

Glorious, this copywriting shit is.