Sunday, January 11, 2009

wild weekend, but we shall overcome.

2009. the so called year of productivity, has so far rendered me useless on the kitchen tiles with a nearly empty bottle of vodka in hand. and while surprised at my behavior you are not, the lack of words can evoke severe disappointment in a loyal audience of 8. but fear not. the responsiblities of fame are great, but in their greatness they are impossible to ignore. stay tuned this week for concha's first 2009 post of many. i mean, the vodka's all i really have a choice?

not sure abut the bloomberg gaza post. it seems like i missed the topical boat on that one. but it will be gut wrenchingly funny. so if you want it, send me a digital thumbs up and the post will be done like the dishes, man. i love fan mail.


ghersionmyjersey said...

make that 9... a loyal audience of 9.
and i'm ready to laugh my shewee off.

concha said...

we, at concha libre, appreciate your continued patience and support during this busy season.