Friday, May 22, 2009

obama i love you, but fuck fair minded words.

Cheney, you seem to have a problem with time management lately. and you know what? i feel you. a lot of seniors struggle with retirement. without a career they experience a sense of loss, as life seems to have lost his purpose. like you, they take up a hobby, be it golfing, working at Starbucks, or undermining the efforts of restoring the nation. it’s not uncommon to sift through a few different hobbies before they finally uncover the one that fulfills the empty space their 9-5 once filled. maybe a senior tried golf, but finds sailing ultimately renders him more fulfilled. plus, the grand kids sure love it. or like you, first the hobby was circulating the talk shows and being a fucking moron, when it would really be more constructive for you to go die.

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