Friday, April 14, 2006

bad friday

i hate poems. i hate spoken word fucks. and i hate PMS. but one day, a yr or so ago, i wrote a poem about PMS. and it pretty much encapsulates how i feel today. so poetry hating aside...enjoy!

I'm feelin' more crampy than bitchy.
but sometimes the cramps are a bitch.
if i'm feelin' more bitchy than crampy,
you might go and call me a witch.
but whichever way i be feelin'
i suggest you stay out of my way.
cause the cramps are a bitch
and i'll soon be a witch
and you'll turn into my fuckin' prey.

happy easter.


RBrown said...

I can't believe you went with a poem and not a haiku. Seriously, man. Haiku is all the fucking rage.

Though I suppose composing a poem on your blog is better than actually penning one in your menstrual blood, a sick little medium I recently read about. WTF?

If things get to that, let me know. I'll send you wine from here.

melvin said...


Shopping Diva said...

That. Is. Brilliant.

I am sending it to my idiot husband now.

copyranter said...

the Passion of the Christ was a pretty bloody movie.

melvin said...

will you write me a poem about dealing with mean girls in your daily life? help me.

prozacchary said...

this is how you get that counter to keep going up.
with all waiting to hear something new.

i actually thought of a poem myself, that i was going to grace you with right here...

but it ain't my place.

concha said...

go for it.