Saturday, February 14, 2009

the miracle of life

if you have any kind of moral code, you will support equal rights, donate twenty bucks to this guy and do your part in despising this day halmark hath wrought upon us.

in this may also want to join my friend's new site, where you can enjoy a true story
courtesy of moi.

if you do endeavor to take this journey with all of us, it helps if you listen to the song "once in a lifetime" (talking heads...duh) while reading. it takes about the same time to read, as the song is long.

retardedest day ever. mhmm.

also irrelevant oldie, but slightly relevant post

!viva la david byrne!

your amiga al fin,


1 comment:

Dan said...

First of all Fuck Dave Eggers. Second of all I'm all for going back to the day's when women had not vote. (Unrelated I'm sure, but I didn't read any of this.) And lastly, in a perfect government, I'd have the only vote.

-Dan - yes that Dan.